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About Tom Sherry

Tom Sherry brings his infectious enthusiasm for real estate to work every day and backs it up with an unfaltering professionalism, an ardent commitment to his clients and a friendly approach that has been a recipe for success for many years. People say “This guy is excited about this!” And he is. Tom enjoys what he does. “I can't wait to get to it every day. This is my calling”, he says. Part of what Tom enjoys is the business side of real estate. He takes it seriously. He's available around the clock and he has worked hard for the successes he's had. Tom made the jump to real estate after several successful years in sales. He is driven to become even more efficient and continually upgrades his knowledge and skills; always looking for ways to learn and improve. Tom is seen as a mentor to other realtors and is always excited to share his passion. “Guys who think they know it all continue to barely scrape by”, he says. “You need to listen; to other realtors, to managers and especially to clients. It's the only way you grow and succeed”, Tom says. The other part of real estate that Tom is clearly passionate about is the people. He's helped people from every imaginable background and has learned from every one. Whether it’s an oil company executive on his way up, or a retired couple looking to downsize, Tom knows it's important to build a rapport quickly with clients, to understand where they are coming from, what they really want, and why. “I'm able to do that. Quite honestly I enjoy working with just about anyone”, he says. What Tom offers his clients is a dedicated team and a one-stop shop. “I've sorted through and found the most accomplished and best qualified mortgage brokers, lawyers, and home inspectors...anything you want to do with real estate. I'm confident they'll do a great job for my clients”, Tom says. It's part of a total package Tom offers his clients; professionalism, efficiency and dedication. If there's one thing Tom Sherry understands, it's the long-haul nature of real estate. “You don't find success in real estate with one great deal, a great day, or a great year. Success in real estate is measured over the long term and it takes patience”. Tom is willing to put the time in, to make sure his clients are confident, informed and comfortable. “We don't look for a paycheque, we're looking for a referral”, Tom is fond of saying. “When someone tells their family, their friends, their neighbours and co-workers to call, that's when we know we've done it right”. If you are looking for a real estate agent who knows what to do and how to do it, who helps every step of the way and protects your interests in the process, give Tom Sherry a call today.

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